Our story

We Traveled 7 hours through a snowstorm to go to a career fair


2 years ago, we were a group of senior Malaysian students studying in Philadelphia, anxious about getting a job before we go back. We signed up for a Malaysian career fair at Ohio State University and traveled for 7 hours through a snowstorm with a tight budget. Once there, we were shocked that there were only 2 companies (and none of them were in our industry)!

Back in Philadelphia, we were determined to solve this problem. We assembled our team and had our first North America Virtual Career Fair, with participation by 12 employers from Malaysia and students all over the USA and Canada.

First Full Team Brunch.jpg

2017 - Our Story Begins

October - We piloted our first Virtual Career Fair, North America Virtual Career Fair

With a small but mighty team of 5, we collaborated with student organizations and the embassy to host Malaysia’s first North America Virtual Career Fair (VICAF). The pilot was an immense success with international companies participating.

2018 - Call For Help

April - North America VICAF

Companies and students requested for a second VICAF. Supported with our learning, we hosted the second North America VICAF.

July - New Zealand VICAF

Then we got a distress call from our friends in New Zealand. Their physical career fair event was canceled, so we decided to help.

October - Europe VICAF

Noticing that this problem is felt everywhere, we connected with Malaysian students from 12 countries in Europe. Guess what? We hosted a Virtual Career Fair for them too!

November - Back Home To Malaysia

We graduated and returned to Malaysia. Home sweet home. We met our users physically for the first time in 2 years!


2019 - Ready For Lift Off...

February - United Kingdom VICAF

We hosted UK VICAF, our first time ever VICAF with Malaysia’s No.1 Overseas Education Destination! A very exciting milestone for us

April - North America VICAF

For the third time, we hosted North America Virtual Career Fair again. Our pilot market!

April - Accepted to Selangor Accelerator Programme

We got accepted to our first ever startup accelerator in Malaysia! We got to make more friends that are in the startup journey as we are and it makes things feel less lonely (startups understand)

May - China VICAF

We hosted China Virtual Career Fair and guess what? We finally covered the whole world! Stay tuned with us on what’s next….